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All you need to know about working with advertisers



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Feb 16, 2019
In the affiliate industry, it takes three to tango. In a successful large-scale affiliate campaign, there is a separate role for publishers, affiliates, and advertisers.

A lot of times industry players try to merge those roles to capture the bigger chunk of the market and to maximize their profits, but even if a company fulfills all three roles, the communication between the departments should be efficient and well designed, otherwise, there is a risk that one loosey department will sink all others.

When it comes to operational management, the biggest difference in the way all market players collaborate with each other makes the model of cooperation. According to https://www.offervault.com/ in the USA, there is 58% of CPL offers and only 28% of CPS for the most popular verticals such as Dating, Gaming, Gambling, and Nutra.


CPL currently is a dominant model of cooperation. The fact that advertisers should pay not for the desired action, but for the one that precedes it changes everything. Like in a sports competition a minor change in the rules can change the whole game, strategy, and outcome — different payment model not only attracts different kind of people but also changes the way
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