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Nov 13, 2019

First of all, thanks to @Luke for welcoming us into the affLIFT community. Glad to be here.

For those of you not familiar with Afflytics, here is the one-liner:
Afflytics tracks your affiliate income by connecting all your affiliate networks in one place.

That said, I am somewhat hesitant to call Afflytics a "tracker" because it's quite different than some of the other trackers you see in this forum.

We built Afflytics to solve a specific problem that many affiliates (myself included) come across, and it's the difficultly that arises when you have to login to numerous affiliate network websites in order to track your affiliate sales. It's a pain to say the least.

We think this is a problem that many of you probably have, and something that the existing tracker products out there don't solve very well. With that, here is some more info on the product.

  • Free 14 Day Trial - No Credit Card Required
  • Aggregate sales data across all your affiliate networks.
    • Whether you're working with one affiliate network, or dozens, Afflytics makes tracking your affiliate sales a breeze by continually aggregating data into a single dashboard.
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