Affiliate Marketing Trends 2022 🚀💸



Grand Guru
May 3, 2018
Hey guys,

Affiliate marketing trends tend to come and go, just like those jackpot sales associated with them. 📊

This means it’s critical that marketers follow the trends within their specific niche if they really want to make steady and sustainable profits with affiliate marketing in 2022.

And if you’re one such marketer looking to make sure your business runs smoothly this year, then you’ve come to the right place! 🤝

Read on and learn how to run a successful business with affiliate marketing in 2022!👇👇

📆 Seasonality: Key dates of 2022

One of the most important things affiliate marketers need to do is to be vigilant about what the next opportunity to make money online is. Obviously, big e-commerce dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around every year and they need to be marked with a big red pen in your calendar. But apart from the Cyber-5 shopping madness season, there’s a number of other events that should be taken into account, too!

Below you’ll find a list where we cover exactly what dates you should note down for the whole of 2022 to make sure your profits are coming in steadily this
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