affiliate marketing IS NOT dead 💪

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Apr 17, 2018
There's a lot of discussion right around around Charles Ngo and his post here:

STACKED MARKETER even discussed it in their newsletter today.

My response is that I believe affiliate marketing is not dead.​

Sure, it's not as "easy" as it once was and Charles makes some other points I can't argue with in his article, but this marketing channel is not going anywhere.

I'm in it for life. As long as someone is willing to pay me for conversions (something that leads them to a positive ROI nearly every single time assuming they have their program/product setup properly), I am going to try. It's paid me well up to this point and I imagine it's going to into the future.

Of course, I profit from you being an affiliate marketer, which Charles covers...


But, many of you are also benefiting from it already too.

Charles mentions that affiliates aren't finding the next innovation. They're stuck in 2017 trying to profit from push subscriptions. Well, I know plenty of people still banking off push so that's a non-argument for me (although, as I admitted many times, I am not sure
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