Affiliate Marketer’s take: Should You Enter Metaverse Advertising? 👽



Grand Guru
May 3, 2018
Hey guys,

The sails are up, and the boat is ready to set off on the new Metaverse adventure which will potentially revolutionize how we live, relax, work, and… advertise. 🤯🤩

But the boarding still has not finished, and it’s up to you as an advertiser whether you want to check in early to the best-placed cabins with the coziest bunks. 🚀

Just turn your abstract thinking on, and see below how affiliate marketing enters the mysterious waters of Metaverse. 🤖🪄

🤔 What exactly is the Metaverse?

We’re aware of the fact that most people can’t really, just yet, wrap their heads around the concept of Metaverse. And it’s completely fine, as to be honest, the idea is not yet fully crystallized, and even the current vocabulary can not keep up. In Zeropark, we’re still far from giving judgments on the matter, but keeping track of what is going on is highly recommended for all affiliates, as per usual.

What we’re dealing with is the nascent market and a highly-possible generational change that will redefine media and possibly life, too. Sounds scary, right?

Think of the Metaverse more as another step in the technological junction of virtual worlds and real life.
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