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Super Contributor
Jun 15, 2020
We provide a technical solution for selling traffic via trade desk and/or RTB auction. The solution will be relevant for media buying teams, who work with their own funnels, prelanders, products and want to monetize traffic additionally through CPC/CPM sales.


Here’s what we’re offering specifically:

1. Traffic platform, with all the necessary advertising formats and separate entry, your label.
2. Trade desk (demand side platform - DSP) with a separate entry and your label, integrated into your traffic platform. Through this trade desk you can sell traffic to your direct advertisers on CPC/ CPM
3. Demand for most of your verticals and geos by our sales team, “warming up” your auction, monetizing part of your traffic
4. Turnkey technical integration and support for our platforms

Additional Options:

1. Connection of any number of external trade desks (DSPs) and external platforms with traffic (SSPs).
2. Any extra custom developments by request.Platforms have built-in anti-fraud systems (on supply side it evaluates traffic, on demand side it keeps feed safe).

For more information contact us or on:

Skype https://join.skype.com/invite/GgG9IFrnBZJ3
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