Advice on this campaign, should I stop it?



Super Contributor
Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, so I'm trying to understand when to stop a campaign. I red a lot about this topic. Like stop everything which is not at least 2 conversions and is more than 50% negative ROI, etc.

But still, I also red that sometimes you have keep running the campaign for more days...

In this case the payout is 0,35$
Budget spent on the campaign 10$


I don't understand why Bemob says Cost is 6,99 eur (is it converting $ to eur? even if, it should be 8,10 $)
I need to change these settings man. What do I see really? Since I'm spending in $, is what I see in Bemob Dollars or Euros?

This is what I see in propeller:

But the main question, should I keep
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