Follow Along Adult Multi Geo - Propeller - Bemob Campaign



Oct 22, 2021
Hi, I am newbie on push traffic. Testing offers with no success until now. But still trying !!! 🙂
This is my third campaign ( no conversions up to date) and want to share it here, wishing the Gurus can give some suggestions or point out changes.
I´ll be grateful for your advice 👍
Thanks a lot!!! 🙌

This is my new campaign info:

CPS Adult offer: Lead suscribes, and should confirm email. Conversion is when he buys an upgrade package.

  • Multi Geo offer, the offer landing page is in English, it does not change language depending on which country you are connecting from.
  • Payout $16 USD
  • Running in an Asian country where English is second language. Is a tier 2 or 3 (I am not sure which one).
  • Creatives are in English, as well as the browser on Propeller.
Propeller configuration:

- Type: Classic Push
- Pricing model: CPC
- Frequency: 1 very 72 hours
- Traffic Options: Propeller Ads
- User activity: High
- Bid: $0.008
- No Optimization tools
- Daily budget: 30 usd
- Total Campaign budget: $200 usd
- Platform: Mobile
- Browser: Englis

Creatives and LP:
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