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Aug 16, 2018
Well, this is my first FA on AffLift :)

I've had very little luck with IVR offers and mobile content in general (I tried them last in the early part of 2021) but I've always been intrigued by them and the success stories being posted here.

Why Traffic Company?
1. Majorly because of Traffic Company's support - shoutout to my AM Tess who is always happy to help out
2. Pre-built LPs which I assume would save a ton of time to test different angles/geos/languages before I find a winner
3. With the right approach and tech set up, I genuinely find them scalable

Why Now?
I've killed my IVR and Mobile Content campaigns 1000 times in the past after running a pilot, maybe because I could never crack an angle, maybe I was too lazy, maybe I was too scared of losing money. So I'm hoping I'll be able to continue this one and turn it profitable.


🎯 Traffic Source: Adcash
🔧 Tracking Tool: Binom
✅ Affiliate Network: Traffic Company
👍 Type of Offer: IVR
💰 Offer Payout: Variable
⭐ Little Things that Matter More: Majorly Tier 3 Geos, Wifi (because of volume), Android OS, Chrome Browser, CPA Target, Frequency CAP 2/12
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I already see a lot of


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