Adcash CPA Target Optimization (and Profit)



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Apr 17, 2018
I've been hearing a lot of frustration around the CPA Goal and CPA Target type campaigns. I understand it because it can be difficult to see poor initial results, lose traffic quickly, or have any of the other bad results we hate to see with our campaigns and it helps to be able to blame it on a machine.

But, I think for the most part, the CPA priced campaigns are going to make our lives a bit easier as affiliates. The traffic sources are going to see higher CPMs which will also make the publishers happy. The big issue is being able to get those campaigns profitable and be able to maintain a profit.

One traffic source that seems to be doing a good job with these CPA priced campaigns is Adcash.

They have a "CPA Target" where you set your target CPA (similar to CPA Goal) and then their system optimizes towards that target. All the systems seem to do this very similarly and it's basically how you would do it manually. But, I do like how Adcash has setup their performance reports to make this easy:


They have Quality tiers similar to PropellerAds
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