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A Question About the Push Creatives!



Super Contributor
Mar 1, 2021
Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask how you would go with creating push creatives? As far as I know about the pops, we create a landing page for offers so the path goes like this:
Pre-Landing Page > Landing Page > Offer

And in push, since we need notification message, the path should be like this: Notification Message > Pre-Landing Page > Landing Page > Offer

So we need one additional step (creating notification message) compared to pops, am I right?

And could you let me know what site/software do you use/recommend for desiging push notifications? (I've seen some guys doing well with Canva).

Also, I wanted to know if recommend to start with push at the beginning since we're going to pay per click instead of pay per view and it can perform better because visitor is already engaged by click on notification message so we experience higher CV? (I've always heard that push performs better for sweeps/surveys offers)

And finally, which one of these traffic models you're recommending? Pops, Push or mix of them?

Thanks in advance,

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