A month in Affiliate Marketing journey!



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Oct 16, 2019
Hello everyone,

Today its has been a month since I started with affiliate marketing and its has been a great one. I learnt a lot in past one month thanks to the wonderful people in affLift community.

I wanted to share my 1st month performance and see how do I stand. To check if I am in the right direction or not. So sharing the screenshot of my tracker's dashboard.


So the numbers are little wrong in this since I had screwed up on the 1st day of my campaign hence the tracker didn't record $7.5 revenue I made on the 1st day. It didn't track Bing spent too of $11.28 so that's also missing.

So the numbers are as follows:
Revenue: $ 171.38 + 7.5 = $ 178.88
Cost: $ 256.28 + 11.28 = $ 267.56
Profit: - $ 88.68
ROI: - 33.14%

So in last one month I made a 'loss' of 33%! Which I don't consider a "loss" but I consider it as "investment". I am learning right now and knowledge comes at cost.

I wanted to understand how was your 1st month? How do I align with respect to your 1st month??

Let me
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