A little bit late: Hey, I am here!

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Jan 8, 2022
Hi everyone!

I have been lurking around (as my profile indicates) for a while now, but I wanted to introduce myself now. I have been a Media Buyer since 2018, my 2 main sources are Facebook and Google, and I work as a freelancer for several companies.

I started doing my own thing since 2020, but it only really picked up this year, I just broke $5K/month in revenue on May, and I am close to $5.5K this month (June). I got here for one simple reason: Facebook hates me and I hate them more.

They were my biggest traffic source, but they are so unreliable I have lost several Ad Accounts, Business Managers and even profiles (yeah Zuck, you can't really stop me like that, only paused me for a while). But I am done with that and I really need new traffic sources, that's why I came here.

Thanks to huge advice from @DEADZ I was able to start working with Advertizer this month and $3.3K from that revenue is coming from them, so so far Afflift has been a great investment for me, specially considering that Advertizer is always profitable (I just wish they
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