A little bit late but Hey!



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Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, I was so focused on reading and learning that I forgot good manners.

A little bit about me:

I'm working online for around 20 years now. I was born in Czech Republic when it was Cecoslovacchia.
I started working during the .com bubble in different web agencies. I founded my own after few years and took to a very good level. Than I left it because of personal reasons and since then, I work mostly on-line with different business models.

I have strong experience working in the Advertising world, both in production and pre-production.
I managed to create different successful businesses, both online and offline. The offline ones are strongly supported by online advertising and marketing.

I travel a lot, I have kids, a wife, a dog. I'm +40 and my main business is digital marketing for many years now. I have a strong experience with FB and Adwords.
I'm also a brand ambassador for some very well-known international brands in the creative field.

Why I'm here:
Even if I managed to manage my job 100% on-line, the business model still relies on clients. Often I spend more time babysitting clients than doing
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