Guide 9 Quick variables you can A/B test on your landing pages to increase your CTR/CR

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May 9, 2018
As an affiliate, you'll find there are many things you can split test to increase your profits and revenue.
Split testing offers, landing page angles, and styles, traffic sources, etc can do a big difference in your campaign, however, one thing affiliates don't test as much are the variables inside your landing page.

To be honest, this happens for a reason. The ROI difference won't be as big there as it could be while testing another offer or a completely different landing page or angle, but there's a moment where you have tested those and you have a campaign running where you can squeeze an extra percentage by testing simple variables in your landing page.

A couple of months ago I ran this case study where one landing page got 20-30% extra CR just by having a different background color (black vs. white).
It's easy to assume one color will perform better but in general, you have at least 5 colors to test and see if they make a change in your numbers. You can either test them in your background, call to actions, menus, comments, etc. The ones I typically see are: white, black, blue (FB), red
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