7 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Use A Spy Tool



May 13, 2020

Affiliate marketers have to consider a huge range of variables when developing campaigns. While inexperienced affiliates tend to start from scratch, testing all variables is resource-intensive and time-consuming. Knowledgeable marketers, on the other hand, conduct extensive research using affiliate spy tools to understand what leading competitors are doing and hit the ground running.

At Vimmy, we work closely with a huge number of leading affiliates across multiple industries, so we understand how these professionals leverage spy tools to build better campaigns. In this article, we’ll define spy tools and provide 7 reasons why all affiliates should leverage this type of software during their campaign creation and optimization processes.

What Are Spy Tools?​

In the affiliate context, spy tools are software solutions that allow marketers to identify, track, and analyze competitor campaigns. Not all spy tools are the same, but reliable platforms often provide robust features that allow you to see beyond superficial metrics.

For example, a powerful affiliate spy tool will not only reveal what graphics and wording competitors are implementing, but also the program, landing page, and f conversion statistics.

Keep in mind that there are many different marketing tracking platforms, but not all of these bring
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