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Follow Along $500 a day :)


Here i am starting my new journey from $0-$500 a day :)
Last month my revenue was [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$1235.00[/COLOR] below is the proof of it.
[COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]It gave's me a lot of energy to the work :) This was one of my wining offer[/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)] but unfortunately this offer got paused and i have to search now new wining offer for me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=rgb(0 0 0)]So i am going to launch some campaign now on different advertising platform here are the some one which i am going to use now.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]1. Zeropark
2. Bing Ads[/COLOR]
As i really like their conversion ratio and friendly support i will use both of them as primary advertising platform on this journey. Tracker I am going to use.
-Redtrack. Io
Network I am going to use.
Also this time i have planned to promote incentive offers too so i have planned to promote cpabuild offer as incentive.
As the time of posting this thread my investment is $0 and goal is to make $500 every single day for the whole month.

Lets see how this journey will go :)
I will post every details and results here time to time.



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