5 Tips For The Account Manager



Jan 22, 2020

Any way you want it
That's the way you need it
For Account Manager should be nothing impossible. AMs plan processes, look for new offers and contacts, set priorities, analyze the marketplace, and solve partners’ problems.
And today Yana Gontaruk, Head of Business Development of CPARK will tell us how to do this professionally. Let's read below.
What motivates you at work?
I have been working in affiliate marketing for almost 5 years and I do love my job. The best motivation for me is my team and the results we achieve. I like the development of our team and the CPARK brand. I always start my working day thinking about how to do work “better" and reach greater heights.
I also admire our friendly team, which has become not only a team but also a "family", where everyone motivates, always helps, and supports in any situation.
Without which 3 things you can’t imagine your day in CPARK?
First of all, I have a plan for the day, which includes communicating with partners, resolving current issues, and finding new offers and partners. This list also includes communication with the team, checking statistics.
What tasks does
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