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Follow Along $2023 Contest - Will 2023 be my most productive year?



Jan 26, 2022
Hi Afflift members!
I started my journey with pops in the middle of 2022 but my results were not good. But I was trying again and again and now I see that it can be profitable.
I want to earn enough to live from affiliate marketing this year, lets see if this is possible :)

But I don't want to grow only in internet marketing. My most important goal for 2023 is to gain muscle mass and practice calisthenics regularly. I started in december and I see good progress already. I'm proud of it :)
Other thing that I want to practice more this year is my english language. I can understand almost everything what I'm reading, but I'm struggling to write correctly, not to mention talking. My pronunciation sucks :(. I hope you eyes don't hurt while reading my posts :)
I'm also trying my luck with SEO, now only as a hobby. I created one niche website last year and it's growing very nicely. To by honest I'm very surprised, I wasn't expecting so great results :)
Now let's go back to pops.

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