Follow Along 2023 Contest - Facebook + Zeydoo + Monetizer in Latam



Jan 8, 2022
A little bit late, but I am here.

🔧 Tracking: Bemob
🎯 Traffic: Facebook
💋 Offer: Zeydoo + Monetizer
💰 Payout: various
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I am a Facebook magician and I make anything work there (as long as I don't lose the account, Business Manager and/or profile)

I set up the campaigns, I am gonna start in Chile and Mexico, and I am using these offers


Since Facebook is paranoid, what I do is that I create a clean landing page with Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, a note saying that it is NOT affiliated with Facebook and Meta, etc. Then I insert my Bemob URL on the button of the landing page, I have to manually update the cost later (I will do it every day, checking yesterday's data).

As for targeting, I am using all genders, 18+ and Android 4+ since that's what Zeydoo wants.

Will update tomorrow to let you know how it goes! (If they
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