Case Study 2022 Email Marketing Report : Mixed Results

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Jan 7, 2019
Last year had a lot of ups and downs, especially with Canada changing lots of laws around gambling. They excluded a region for a while and all the casinos had to basically get new licenses and had to pull out of the market till they got the right licenses.

You can really see it here in this graph : the fall off around May and the recovery from september onwards. Revenue chart

Canada was one of the best geos for me and affected my bottom line a lot! I dialled back spend and I was any way super involved with Native throughout the year. My VA was writing e-mails for me and this has basically been a source of passive income. Especially during the down times, you don't really feel like focusing too much on these campaigns, when you have other campaigns that are working much better.

With an e-mail list though, although my revenue decreased, I was still comfortably in the green no matter how little. This is my profit throughout the year. You can see it going super low at times, but I didn't end up losing money at least!


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