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2020 Recap - 17500 new users - 15% increase in traffic!


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Apr 17, 2018
It seems most companies like to post their yearly wrap up at the end of the year. I'm not sure why. The year isn't over yet! So, I decided to post our 2020 recap today after digging through all our data for the past year :)

I am going to be very transparent and honest about our growth. I am sure this is some data that our competitors will love to get their hands on, but I also think it's important that the community knows where we stand. You all are as important to the growth of affLIFT as I am. You deserve to know how that is going.

I also think this data is important to share because there is always uncertainty in the affiliate industry (affiliate marketing is dead remember? 😉). So, here it is!

2,300,000 page views (+15%)
Page views are not our more important metric, but an increase in the amount of page views will be a contributing factor to every other piece of growth I do focus on. I'm happy to say we saw a 15% increase in page views compared to 2019.

Also, I would love to go back in time and tell 13 year old Luke working hard on learning PHP and how to create websites that someday he would have a website that was viewed nearly 2.3 million times in a year. I think he would be pretty excited about that :)

17,500 new users
We added 17,500 new users to our community in 2020. That's a pretty massive number (about 48 a day), but I am hoping to surpass that quite a bit this year with more paid advertising.

We got a tremendous amount of organic traffic in 2020 and saw great growth because of it, but I am going to add some fuel to that growth this year by increasing my advertising budget for affLIFT 🔥

Users are spending 18% more time on the forum viewing about 10% more content
This statistic is something I keep my eye on. As visitors/members spend more time on the forum, they are both consuming more content and producing more content. This means we're providing more value to them and creating more value for other members. There's a big network effect because of this.

As long as we continue to add new members to the community and they spend more time in the community, we're going to add more and more value to everyone!

So, what are all these new members viewing?
  • They're looking at What's New. This page received saw a 61% increase in traffic in 2020!
  • Traffic viewing threads was up 29%
  • Articles traffic was up 21%
  • Link Directory traffic was up 29%
  • PPV forum views were up 7%
This all sounds great, so what was on negative point I saw? Push notification forum views were down 16%. I'm not sure what that truly means, but it'll be interesting to see if that increases in 2021 or if push becomes less active in the community.

Contest thread views were up 79%
We ran many contests in 2020. A quick calculation shows about $20,000 in prizes were given out in 2020 including our biggest every with Zeropark and then the new biggest ever with SelfAdvertiser 🤑

I have already lined up some more contest this year and I believe we'll more than top last years results. I also plan to do many random giveaways and short contests :D

Use of the search was up 73%
I did a massive upgrade to our forum search in 2020 and it's both quicker and much more useful now. The search is even performed on it's own server! We're basically Google ;) 💪

While I was pouring through our 2020 data, I noticed something related to search that made me happy that I put some of our resources into improving the search. During 2020, we saw a 73% increase in use of the forum search!

Something else that was interesting: 82% of searches are completely unique (never been searched before)

The top searched terms of 2020?
  • monetizer
  • zeropark
  • kintura
  • evadav
  • bemob
  • propellerads
  • mobipium
  • advertizer
  • clickadu
  • popads
22% increase in threads created
We had over 2,700 new threads created on affLIFT in 2020. That's a 22% increase over 2019 and our most active year yet. The network effect of creating more value for more users continues 🟠

LIFETIME memberships were up 17%
As a business, one of our main metrics for affLIFT is paid memberships. Most of our revenue comes from paid memberships and as we grow, our expenses grow as well so it's important that we both retain our current members, but that we also add new paid members every single day. Well, I have good news :D

Monthly memberships to affLIFT were up 16% in 2020. LIFETIME memberships were up 17%. It's exciting to see so many of our monthly members converting their membership to a LIFETIME membership. Sure, we lose some of our money recurring revenue when a member upgrades to a LIFETIME membership, but to me it's also proof in the value of the community.

We also saw a drastic 45% increase in 6-month memberships. By signing up for a 6-month membership, you get 1 month free ($100 instead of $120).

I also introduced VIP memberships for our Partners with some added benefits. Since those are new, there are no numbers to compare to 2019, but the response has been fantastic and nearly all our VIPs have retained their memberships and I'm hoping to add even more in 2021 🚀

We had over 2,700 new threads created in 2020, but what threads got the most traffic? What were our top threads? Is a list of the top 10 threads from 2020. If you have not read through these yet, they come highly recommended by our 46,000 members! ✅

A big thank you to all our content creators trying to help all our amazing members with their affiliate marketing! 👏

Finally, I want to thank my Community Leaders for their help making 2020 a big success for affLIFT. Last year, we added 2 new guys to the team and I am planning to add a few more this year.

So, shoutout to:


These guys go above and beyond and I truly appreciate what they do to help make our community special!

Here's to an amazing 2021 🥂
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Grand Guru
Community Leader
May 9, 2018
If this was 2020, a hard year for many, I'm sure 2021 will be much better!


Super Contributor
Mar 6, 2019
Thanks for the interesting results, we will publish ours soon too


Super Contributor
Oct 16, 2019
Many many congratulations to @Luke and affLift family. Let's make 2021 even bigger and better. Upwards and onwards!


Grand Guru
Community Leader
Apr 9, 2019
Congratulations @Luke, and Afflifters, i'm Sure 2021 will be away better :)