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1:1 - I Teach You Facebook Ads You Teach Me Push Notifications!

Dynu In Media


Jan 24, 2022
Hello guys, Not sure if this is allowed. If now please delete the post I apologize but I wonder if someone wants to exchange information on a 1:1 call or more than one if needed.

I'm very good at Facebook Ads and you should be good at Push Notifications Ads.

I can teach you how to bring leads for 0.50 cents or even less, how to target your niche, and how to promote a product, sell it and scale it + remarketing/retargeting and audiences, and you can teach me how to do the same with push notifications and CPA offers and make winning campaigns.

If you are interested, Let's make a call on Monday. Remember I have an Argentinian accent lol.
If you are not interested and you know someone who can help, please let him know.

Anyway, if you need help on that topic and you can't help me I will be happy to help as much as I can.

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