🤑 How I built my OWN push subscriber base and increased my ROI 🤑


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May 8, 2019
Hello fellow affiliates,
A few days back, when I was promoting few offers in full swing, I got a really good amount of monetizer subs through my landing page's redirects and back button clicks. Then I thought to myself, why can’t I use these subscribers that I collect through my landing pages for some extra revenue. That was the EUREKA moment !


And then I went on to search for a few push collection services and tried some of them. Most of it were highly priced, or couldn’t deliver to the needs of an AFFILIATE. So, with the help of my developer I created my own push collection service !! Yes! That’s right, my OWN push collection service where I can collect subscribers through my existing landing page in addition to monetizer and use them to promote various other offers. It gave me great results 🤑


So, then I thought, why not release this as a service for fellow affiliates like me ? And then we did exactly that. We made changes to the user interface keeping an affiliate’s point of view in mind. And thus, PUSHBOT was born 🎉🎊.

PushBot is a service where you can
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