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🗓️ ⚠️ Push Calendar Traffic in Zeropark! [Desktop + Mobile] 💸

Dynu In Media


Grand Guru
May 3, 2018
Hi, Guys!

Today we’re bringing you some hot news from the Zeropark Team. 🔥 We know a lot of you have been asking for this… so here it is!

Push Calendar Traffic for desktop & mobile devices is now available for Zeropark clients! 🥳

👉 Working especially well for the Antivirus 🛡️ and Downloads 📩 verticals!

What’s Push Calendar Traffic in Zeropark?​

Calendar Traffic in Zeropark is yet another form of subscription-based push traffic available on desktop macOS and mobile iOS devices. Only this time, ads are displayed to opted-in users in a form of calendar notifications ads. 🗓️

And given the huge success of push ads, the affiliate marketing industry is now in for a treat with push calendar traffic. 🤑 💸

How does it look?​

Calendar traffic offers native-like looks and feels of push notifications ads while landing your offers straight in the user’s mobile calendar app. There it’ll appear as an upcoming event, and trigger further calendar alerts as the event holding your ad gets closer. 💡

Push notification ads vs. Push calendar notification ads​

The main difference between calendar traffic ads and push traffic ads is that since the former appear inside the user’s mobile calendar app, there’s no room for an image. ❌

👉 The
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