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Well-known member
Hey All We have a brand new and EXCLUSIVE domain traffic source for Zeropark: beige-giraffe that is doing amazing numbers on Survey + Sweeps and Push Subscriber campaigns. Below is listed the top 20 countries with average CPV. US(United States) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.015[/COLOR] DE(Germany) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.014[/COLOR] GB(United Kingdom) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.014[/COLOR] BE(Belgium) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.022[/COLOR] CA(Canada) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.019[/COLOR] BR(Brazil) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.012[/COLOR] MX(Mexico) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.012[/COLOR] CH(Switzerland) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.030[/COLOR] JP(Japan) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.013[/COLOR] AT(Austria) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.017[/COLOR] PL(Poland) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.012[/COLOR] BG(Bulgaria) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.013[/COLOR] NL(Netherlands) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.015[/COLOR] CZ(Czech Republic) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.013[/COLOR] HU(Hungary) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.011[/COLOR] CL(Chile) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.012[/COLOR] PT(Portugal) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.012[/COLOR] ES(Spain) [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$0.011[/COLOR] KR(Korea...
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