Guide 💪🤑 Setting Up Your First Email Marketing Campaign With AWeber 📩



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Oct 15, 2019
One of the things I'm planning to do in 2022 that I haven’t done before is promoting my own email subscription offer so that I can experiment with running some email marketing campaigns. I'm using AWeber for email and in this guide, I'm going to walk through the process of setting things up over there.


There are a BUNCH of different email providers you could turn to for an email marketing campaign, including hosting your own email servers. And if you're looking to go with something a bit more custom, then have a look at what @Varun has written on the forum about using Sendy as somewhere to get you started:

I’m using AWeber as opposed to any of the others because I've used them before and know what I'm doing over there so it was just a go-to option for getting started quickly to test things out. (I was also considering using GetResponse because I've also used them before and really like their platform, but I just decided to start somewhere and AWeber's what I chose).


Setting up your first email campaign​

I'm going to skip the account creation
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