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☝️ Back to basics – traffic tokens and postback URLs explained. 🤓


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Hey guys!

☝️ Since the crazy busy Q4 is here, we thought it could be useful to make a short reminder about the importance of ad tracking.

The shopping season affiliate marketing campaigns will surely require the help of a tracking solution to make the most of that gathered data! 🤓

If you want to learn more about conversion tracking, read the article below, and find out how the tracking magic happens and what to do to ensure the full accuracy of passing data.

🤔 What are traffic tokens?​

A traffic token is a dynamic variable (placeholder) that allows you to pass data between the tracker, traffic source, and affiliate network. Each token stands for one kind of information and registers data for each visit separately.

Tokens are parameters that can be found in most URLs. They start with a “?” and even though they look like a
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