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    Conversions came from low traffic volume website ids ! what should i do ?

    Hello Guys I'm A beginner in CPA marketing, I know the basics and have run a lot of campaigns before but never made it to the green section. Yesterday I tested an offer with direct linking and received about 20,000 visitors and 4 conversions. So I think the first thing to do is to filter...
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    Bemob is missing arround 50% Of the traffic !!

    Hello Guyes I'm having a problem on the tracking process, My traffic source is showing that i received around 39,000 visits but on bemob i only see 27,000 !! I'm doing direct linking with popup traffic.
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    Hello Guyes I started a campaign and i set it up on CPM mode for 0.5$. after launching it i received about 2000 visits but bemob on the cost section is showing me 0$ ! Any solution ?
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    Hi ! Its bilel and this is my story with affiliate marketing till now, You'll like it ^^

    Hello As I said before, my name is Bilel, and I'm 18yo, I'm from Algeria so from now on excuse my Humbled English level lol. So, I started the making money online journey since summer 2016 and I was working hard, the first thing that I discovered was making some pennies from clicking on the...
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    Came back to cpa with 2000$ in budget, need Help guyes ??!

    Hello well first off i'm Bilel , and i start working online since 2016 so I'm not such an expert, the first thing that I liked was CPA marketing, i loved it so much not only for the money for all the process landing pages, tracker, spying,... I knew I needed some real money to start this...