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  1. oga

    Question about campaign bids

    Hello! I have a situation with one of my campaigns on Zeropark. I am targeting India+one carrier with Pop traffic because domain traffic had low volume. I started with bid of 0.0001$ and with that bid I got 95 conversions and almost break even, but the problem is that I could only spend around...
  2. oga

    Hosting landing pages with Amazon S3 + Amazon Cloudfront + DNS service?

    Hello! I want to use Amazon S3 for hosting my landing pages and use Amazon Cloudfront as CDN service. Do I need also use one of DNS services like NSOne or could I use basic DNS from Namecheap for example? What is your recommendation?
  3. oga

    Adplexity - which version?

    Which version of Adplexity to choose if I want to go with zeropark traffc?
  4. oga

    What would be the best way to start?

    Hello! I am wondering what would be the best way to start with CPA marketing? Should I first watch some courses(do you have something to recommend?)? Or is it enough just to read forum and watch Luke's tutorials? Advanced guys, what would you do if you have to start from the beginning, what...