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    Zeropark Push - Voluum -ClickDealer Sweepstake

    My second follow along for August. This time I am using landers so have been a bit slow in learning all the moving parts. I have implemented the fraud detection kit. 1. It is a capped sweepstake - 50 units per day, I will be ecstatic if I get even 1 conversion. It is a cc submit - not a good...
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    Follow Along Zeropark-Voluum-Push/Pop/domain

    My weakness is that I start and I do not do consistent work each day. So I am approaching the competition slightly differently. I am doing it the way that @servandosilva does his follow along - just recording each day what I am doing. Preparation I attended the webinar for Voluum on Tuesday...
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    Follow Along May 2019 Challenge: Facebook+Bemob+Peerfly

    I am doing this as part of the May 2019 Landing Page challenge. Traffic Source: Facebook Tracking Tool: Bemob Affiliate Network: Peerfly Type of Offer: Technology Offer Payout: $12 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I have signed up and will be using the tool that I will be...
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    Setting up a Compliant PeerFly offer

    I am wanting to promote an offer 38906 - Banners only allowed. Am I in compliance if I do the following: A- option 1 1. I write an article (or a few) 2. I have a little bit about the offer within the article with a link to learn more - the link to learn more collects email addresses in an...
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    mandyk intro

    Hi, by way of introduction: I am a retired accountant with a long corporate career behind me. I want to generate a steady $10k profit a month from affiliate marketing using mostly paid advertising. Having invested in the lifetime option for afflift, this is the beginning of my journey to...