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    Guide Share about How i feel about push traffic.

    Hi Everyone Offer:DOI Offers Landing page : Clear and simple landing that match your ad-sets Payout : 2USD. Hope you guys have some good profit days. Just wanna give some feed-back to this forum. (propellerad stats last months) Just wanna share my feed-back about how i feel about...
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    No refund on first deposit for Zeropark ? and i need some suggestions.

    Two or three days ago i try to refund , but they said no refund on first deposit. maybe i'm just not good with PPV. because propellerad do performance better than zeropark. (i did use same offers to these two networks same PPV) - Propellerad- payout it's 0.45 Just wanna know...
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    Global Coin - nothing related to affiliate.

    Global Coin - Just wondering i only got basic information of this crypto currency. would it benefit to affiliate marketing? and what's the impact to affiliate marketing? i'm interested in invest these. Please share idea
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    Looking for desktop game offers

    Looking for desktop game offers. Do you guys have some network to recommend?
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    how to scale properly once you have successful campaign

    Just wondering how you guys scale up profit campaign to another traffic source or including bid?
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    Domain-Redirect traffic from Zeropark ?

    Just would like to know what's the traffic quality compared to Push? would like to try ZP soon, but would like to have input from you guys? cheers.
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    Mozilla Firefox Looks to Reduce Push Notification Permission Spam With New Experiment

    Hi Just would like to know everyone’s thinking about this , Don’t know google will take any measure or not. As now user got bombing with push notification. Obviously they don’t like it. As I aware that push a traffic ROI not so stable compare to other traffic.
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    CPI Offer to Push

    Does anyone ever try this kind of offer to push traffic?
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    Push Traffic Discuss group

    Hey Guys Just would like to start a group of discussion for push traffic ( affiliate ) Maybe on skype or telegram. As more people brainstorming is better than my less creative brain. haha. @Luke if forum doesn't allow this kind...
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    Push Notification Traffic Sources that Accept adult landing

    Just wondering what network accept adult landing page ? Thanks
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    Follow Along First follow along on Afflift - healthy product - Final Update

    🎯 Traffic Source: Propeller ads (push notification) 🔧 Tracking Tool: Redtrack ✅ Affiliate Network: Muti-Affiliate Networks 👍 Type of Offer: Healthy Product 💰 Offer Payout: 14$ I Set user activity to High and with 0.01 bid for testing only. Need to control my budget. Will divide into Mobile...
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    Do You guys know how to set up postback correctly for Soicos Network ?

    Do You guys know how to set up postback correctly for Soicos Network ? i got problem with postback setting. Cheers guys.
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    About COD Network Lead processing time

    Hi Newbie questions. Just wondering how COD network Processing lead ? and how long does it take ? i got almost 20 leads still processing and it's it take almost a week but still in progress. Thanks