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  1. webmon

    Push on RTX Platform !

    Hi Afflift hope all members are doing great :) I just noticed some members here are using RTX Platform to drive push traffic and I Want to test them, any thoughts about their plateform ? The quality of the traffic, especially for push traffic ? Thanks in advance (y)
  2. webmon

    Let's discuss dropshipping in 2020

    Hi Afflift Community, best Affiliate forum in the internet :) I'm a web and mobile developer (I have many apps in the play store), but this year I begin investing heavily in the Affiliate Marketing especially with the rise of push traffic where I saw a great new traffic source that start being...
  3. webmon

    Monetizer Domain configuration help

    Hi the Afflift Community hope everyone is doing great :), I'm Sorry if it is not the right section for my Thread ! Excited about @Luke follow along about Monetizer, I want to test them also, I tried to add my domain to Monetizer but it's still pending, please any help about this ! To sum up...
  4. webmon

    In-Page Push Traffic from Propellerads

    Hi The Afflift Community, I just received today an email from PropellerAds about the In-Page Push traffic, I think is very interesting, especially we can now reach iOS devices with this new format, the idea is that the users will receive the notifications while they are browsing a webpage. Any...
  5. webmon

    0$ in revenue for conversions in some of my campaigns

    Hi Afflift Community, hope all members are doing well :) I want to understand something if any member can help please, in some campaigns when I check my tracker for conversions I see that some conversions is reported to be 0$ in revenue and when I make a sum for all the conversions revenue it...
  6. webmon

    Adskeeper Any idea about their Push Traffic

    Hi Afflift Community my second family :) I just register with Adskeeper, funded my account with 100$ and created a push campaign to test them, their interface isn't great for push I think is a native plateform mainly, still 2 days now and my campaign is pending on moderation, anyone has any...
  7. webmon

    Beyond Push Traffic

    Hi Afflift the best AM community in the world :) I just want some help here please, I use Push traffic for the last 3 months with some Good results, but I want to scale some of my campaigns to more Ad Format especially Display, any good networks for Mobile Display that works and had Good...
  8. webmon

    Follow Along RichPush + Bemob + (Gothza/CPAGrip) November Contest

    Hi Afflift, hope everybody at the community is doing great, this month I decided also to take action and participate into the @RichPush contest for the month of November 2019, so I just added some funds to my account at @Rich_Push with some help of my nice manager at RichPush Julia. SO this is...
  9. webmon

    Follow Along Evadav Advertiser + Bemob + Clickdealer

    Hi Afflift community, hope everybody is doing great today, Participating in the October @Evadav Contest I'm Nabil and this will be my first ever Follow Along, so forgive me for some mistakes, also my English is my third language so sorry for that, That said, now let's go some real things ;) , I...
  10. webmon

    VCC to activate PayPal

    Hi everyone in the best AM forum in the world :), any one have an idea about buying a VCC (virtual credit card) to activate my paypal account. Any Help will be appreciated Thanks.
  11. webmon

    Advertizer cost in Bemob

    Hi everyone, Please an help, my @BeMob doesn't track cost in Advertizer ... any help for this please ? Big thanks :)
  12. webmon

    Push Traffic in France

    Hi everyone, i just begin testing CPA marketing and i begin understand some principals thanks to all members of Afflift forum :) I have an offer in clickdealer targeting France a Lead Gen offer that pay 0.9 $, i tested the offer in my apps using push and i have some conversion, now i want to...
  13. webmon

    Richpush with Bemob Tracker

    Hi everyone, Hope all Afflift users are doing well, I just begin testing with some offers using RichPush and Bemob as a tracker (Newbie here), please my Bemob tracker doesn't track data sent by RichPush, I used RichPush Template in Bemob, doesn't track any info about Cost, creatives ...
  14. webmon

    Bemob with Mobipium

    Hi, A Newbie here :), I Begin my first CPA campaign I use Mobipium network for some push allow campaign, I added Mobipium as a Affiliate network in Bemob and i Added a campaign, I got some conversion in Mobipium not tracked in Bemob, any help to solve this, I Want Bemob tracker to track...
  15. webmon

    Hi from Morocco :)

    Hi, I'm Nabil a web and mobile developer from morocco, I'm very intersted in CPA and Internet marketing, any Good advice and Good network to join for a newbie like me ;) Sorry for the bad language, english is my third language :)