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  1. skarvada

    Follow Along Keto Diet Campaign on 5 Push Notification Networks

    hey guys, Been doing affiliate marketing bout 8 years full time but just starting with push ad networks and promoting keto diet trials . Self Advertiser, Admaven, Plug Rush, Mobidea and Propeller Ads all min deposits and setup with Red Track and the typical fake news lander and cpa style ads...
  2. skarvada

    List of Traffic Sources WITH NO BOTS PLEASE!!!

    hey guys, quick thread here on the above, so many bots in all sources drain your moneys fast and is very frustrating. All native and push ads are instantly infiltrated by thousands. So here is a list of sources with no bots in my experience. Please add your favorite sources so we can all have a...
  3. skarvada

    Self Advertiser Push Ads, anyone try them ?

    hey guys, Also working Self Advertiser push ads, they have pops also, use to run them before when it was just ppc. They've been around for a while so they must be good? has anyone else tried them here? do they have lots of bots on their push ads? they show pub ids also which is cool for...
  4. skarvada

    Admaven Pub Id's and Optimization

    hey guys, Nice to have found this amazing group thanks to all the masters and contributers such as Peerfly Luke and his team. Just signed up for paid subscription and am ready to start participating. Been doing affiliate marketing stuff past 6 years or so and new to push ads. Set up red...