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  1. arthurrr

    Zeropark Question-Account Rejected

    Hi, I wanted to run monetizer offers on zeropark, is there away...i can get approved in this traffic network..give the fact that i have been rejected
  2. arthurrr

    Anyone who has used Kintura

    How does one set up two campaigns for split test in Kintura for the same offer..Kindly help because i want to get it right with this tracker...At the moment i have only managed to set up one campaign..but i need put three landers for the same offer
  3. arthurrr

    Guys How do Go about promoting Sweepstakes offer

    Hi? I am coming for the second time in this forum. I have a question, how do I go about promoting sweepstakes offer on push traffics. I need to know this before I create a follow along campaign this week
  4. arthurrr

    Eager to do Affiliate Marketing

    Hi am Arthur from Kenya. I have been reading CPA affiliate marketing from charles ngo and finchsells. I am also a content writer and copywriter. So far my goal is to try it in the course of this year