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    Guide How to fight push ad fatigue

    Hey guys! Banner blindness, ad fatigue or market saturation can become a serious issue for your push ads campaigns — there’s no denying. That’s why we’ve decided to share our industry insights and help you overcome them. Here’s a list of things to focus on when fighting the problem. Go for...
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    Guide Zeropark - Injection Traffic Sources & Keywords

    Hey guys, congratulations on getting past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness! It’s been one hell of a ride... but it was worth it. Here’s something worth having a look at, too — injection traffic. What’s that? Injection Pop ads are triggered automatically by toolbars/extensions...
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    Tokens made easy & target blocking

    Hello there, here’s a couple of product updates from the Zeropark team. Firstly, you no longer have to manually add tokens to the postback URL in order to have your conversion info passed correctly. With the updated feature, all you have to do is select a tracker from the list. It...
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    New Feature Alert: Source Campaign Creator

    Hi guys, To make source campaign setup more intuitive in Zeropark, we introduce Source Campaign Creator. This extra step added to the campaign creation process allows for quick and easy selection of the sources you’d like to propel your campaigns with, already while setting it up. You can...
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    (Whitelist inside) Manual source/target & bid uploading

    Hey all, We’ve launched a small, yet super-useful feature to our push, pop and domain-redirect advertising platform. You can now apply your whitelists and custom bids quickly, with the “Bulk add sources” and ”Bulk ads targets” buttons in you Target/Source campaigns. If you’re one of those geeks...
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    🔥Hot new🔥 EXCLUSIVE domain source for Sweeps + Push Subscriptions, Detials within!

    Hey All, We have a brand new and EXCLUSIVE domain traffic source for Zeropark: beige-giraffe that is doing amazing numbers on Survey + Sweeps and Push Subscriber campaigns. Below is listed the top 20 countries with average CPV. US(United States) $0.015 DE(Germany) $0.014 GB(United Kingdom)...
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    Hottest Sources for Domain Redirect Traffic at Zeropark

    Hey folks, we're bringing you a fresh whitelist for Zeropark's domain traffic. jacinthe-louse Top Verticals: Mainstream VOD & Streaming, Leadgen, Surveys & Sweeps, eCommerce, Desktop games Top Countries & Avg CPV: France ($0.012), UK ($0.01), USA ($0.09), Brazil ($0.08), Taiwan ($0.009)...
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    Zeropark's Pop Traffic Whitelist

    Hey guys, this time I'm bringing you the hottest Zeropark sources for Pop traffic. albugineous-gnat Top GEOs & Avg CPV: Italy ($0.0005), Brazil ($0.0005), Spain ($0.0009), USA ($0.001), Germany ($0.0025) Top Verticals: eCommerce, Web Push Subscriptions, Mobile Apps, Dekstop Games, Leadgen...
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    The Top 3 Sources to Run Push Ads in Zeropark Right Now

    Check out our whitelist of top 3 sources in Zeropark push at the moment. Just a reminder on how to make use of this info: if you want to have a campaign consisting only of one or more of the sources below, you should create Push -> SOURCE campaign in Zeropark. Once you're done with the setup...
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    Summer Deals With Zeropark and Olimob: Hot verticals, Higher payouts!

    Hey all, Zeropark has got together with Olimob to bring you a 10% higher payout when you use Zeropark traffic with Olimob’s CC submit offers! CC submit is one of the strongest verticals on Zeropark right now and we’ve tailored the offers to Geo’s that everyone can get on board with: SA...
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    Take a tour around Zeropark's office with Zorbas Media

    Hey all, a few weeks back we hosted Zorbas Media at our HQ. We showed them around, but the most important thing is we discussed all about our traffic. It's a great video to get to know us more and see how we operate on a daily basis. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Bart
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    Cheap And Profitable Alternative Geo's for Pop on ZP

    We recently did a post on the best alternative Geo's for Push traffic. People requested we do the same for POP so here it is: Try the cheapest traffic in IN(India) at $0.0002 on Mobile Android for Smartlinks & Ecom Do Europe with ES(Spain) at $0.002, All Desktop + Mobile All OS for Ecom...
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    Push Traffic from Geo's That Won't Break the bank

    Doing Push but finding the margins tight? or looking to get in but feeling priced out? Here are some exciting alternative countries from Zeropark’s account management team that won’t break the bank :cool: Choose Myanmar at 0.01$ - If you are looking to run some Mobile App, Dating or Smartlink...
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    Finance Vertical + US Tax Season = Profit

    Hey guys, the 2019 US tax season is in full swing, meaning, US citizens need any help they can get doing their tax returns. There are plenty of popular services that make tax returns really simple, and they do offer affiliate programs. The tax season is a recurring event known for bringing...
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    Guide 6 Trends in Push Creatives

    Hey guys, we've studied the trends in push ads' campaigns to bring you this little guide. Even though there are plenty variables in affiliate marketing, this rundown of trends should give you a good starting point when thinking about the creatives for your campaigns. This guide was originally...
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    Zeropark team wants to meet you at TES Affiliate Conference

    Anybody attending TES Affiliate Conference? Schedule a meeting with Kamila or Andrii to talk about: - push traffic - exciting upcoming product updates - opportunities of doing business together. Get ready for amazing networking experience and book a meeting now!
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    Optimizing push notifications for a higher return

    Hey guys, Push notification ads are one of the hottest ad formats in digital advertising. Make sure you learn how to create a successful push ad copy and go thru some key pointers for optimizing your push notification campaigns to reach new levels of profit. Follow the tips below to see more...