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    Follow Along Zeropark + Bemob + Tiltwin (CpaKitchen) - Newbie, you'll see a lot of mistakes :D

    Hello, this is my second follow along. I' m trying to learn all basics, so maybe you'll see a lot of errors. I've signed up on a network i found here about casino offers, i would try some casino offers (with no success). So i've seen an offer, Tiltwin, with a basic email submit to convert...
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    Track cost of back button redirect in Bemob

    Hello everybody, i' ve set up a script on my landing page, now how could i track back button redirect cost on Bemob? You see here (the second campaign) comes no cost: Thanks
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    Follow Along Propellerads+Bemob+Lospollos - Gambling Smartlinks - NEWBIE

    Hello, I want to share with you my journey, from beginning. I was doing for a couple of years dropshipping and fb ads, with not su much success. I' ve got revenue, but the profit weren't so good or constant. I' m gonna to give a shoot at cpa and push traffic. For me is everything new, i' ve...
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    Hello everybody!

    Hello, Nice to meet you all! Cheers