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    Guide Zeropark - Injection Traffic Sources & Keywords

    Hey Servando, some great questions out there. If you create a source campaign and use only the sources we provided, then there's no need to contact us. However, if you create a Keyword campaign, unfortunately, we have to enable Injection-only manually for you, so you need to reach out to us...
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    Guide Zeropark - Injection Traffic Sources & Keywords

    Hey guys, congratulations on getting past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness! It’s been one hell of a ride... but it was worth it. Here’s something worth having a look at, too — injection traffic. What’s that? Injection Pop ads are triggered automatically by toolbars/extensions...
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    Zeropark Recommended Whitelists

    Great job, @Luke. You're hired! :p -Bart
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    Zeropark Question-Account Rejected

    Hey, please DM us with your email address you used for ZP account creation. Bart
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    Looking for alternative traffic source

    I double checked it with the team, and looks like there shouldn't be anything stopping you now. You're ready for take off :) Bart
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    Black Friday

    Hi @ab2malik - we've teamed up with the industry's finest to create this guide for push, ecom campaigns around Black Friday. It includes a choice of proven offers provided by Clickdealer, Mobidea and Olimob. Hopefully, you will find it useful --->
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    Tokens made easy & target blocking

    @jimmyvanilla Thanks for pointing this out! its really useful, will pass it on to the development team now.
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    Tokens made easy & target blocking

    Hello there, here’s a couple of product updates from the Zeropark team. Firstly, you no longer have to manually add tokens to the postback URL in order to have your conversion info passed correctly. With the updated feature, all you have to do is select a tracker from the list. It...
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    Looking for alternative traffic source

    Thanks for tagging us, @Luke. @sarveshpaney89 - I have a piece of good news for you: we've reviewed your application again and you've just been approved. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Enjoy! Bart
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    New Feature Alert: Source Campaign Creator

    Hey Luke, thanks! We're still improving the new dashboard. We plan to discontinue the old one at the beginning of 2020. So I'd advise you to slowly start getting used to the new dashboard ;) Cheers, Bart
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    New Feature Alert: Source Campaign Creator

    Hi guys, To make source campaign setup more intuitive in Zeropark, we introduce Source Campaign Creator. This extra step added to the campaign creation process allows for quick and easy selection of the sources you’d like to propel your campaigns with, already while setting it up. You can...
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    zeropark approvel

    @nitadivina123 Hey, did you sign up as an advertiser or a publisher?
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    Zeropark Push Notification Help!

    Hey @meroliteman As @nitin said you probably need to set a lower campaign budget or a lower bid, as with push campaigns you may have already won some impressions (where the user is shown your notification) but they have not clicked yet. These clicks can take up to 24hours to be competed. Neill
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    (Whitelist inside) Manual source/target & bid uploading

    Hey all, We’ve launched a small, yet super-useful feature to our push, pop and domain-redirect advertising platform. You can now apply your whitelists and custom bids quickly, with the “Bulk add sources” and ”Bulk ads targets” buttons in you Target/Source campaigns. If you’re one of those geeks...
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    Push Notifications - Over Spend Management

    Hey Guys, With push you win impressions but pay on click. An impression is when a notification is displayed to a user, it is then up to them to click the link. For us it means that some notifications can hang around for 24 hours after the initial click and clicked at any point during this...
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    ZeroPark Postback Revenue Token - BeMob

    Hey @meroliteman As far as I am aware the payout should be passed with the conversion data where it is available. If you cannot get this to work you can set a fixed payout in the campaign settings in the postback section. Thanks Neill
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    Extension Traffic Companies

    @imgllc Ping us, we can get you a whitelist of HQ extension sources on our platform! :)
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    Follow Along Zeropark + Push Subs + $money

    @Nick @Rich Feedback noted, passed on to the PM team. Thanks!
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    🔥Hot new🔥 EXCLUSIVE domain source for Sweeps + Push Subscriptions, Detials within!

    @Rich Mixed, but the heaviest weight is to Windows and Android.
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    🔥Hot new🔥 EXCLUSIVE domain source for Sweeps + Push Subscriptions, Detials within!

    @Luke let us know how it goes! We can also optimise the traffic with the source so any insights are useful!