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  1. Riserie

    PeerFly is Shutting Down

    Sorry for peerfly, as I know mgcash is heading same way.
  2. Riserie

    [Giveaway] 5 PureLander Memberships

    I have had it for two weeks so don’t count me in, only just want to say good luck fellas!
  3. Riserie

    Hello from Poland 👋

    Hello, cześć Grzesiu 😎
  4. Riserie

    Which country do you live in?

    Hello, Poland here!
  5. Riserie

    Hey guys!

    Thanks! Nice to be a part of this great community. I saw some new offers on PeerFly (like chrome extensions) that looked interesting so I decided to setup some new campaigns on Zeropark but since I’m on very low budget I’m going to use Popads for now.
  6. Riserie

    Hey guys!

    Iam Marek and I am an industrial automation engineer in Poland. Im exited what Luke is doing and Iam glad to be a apart of this community. At this time I have some budget to start first campaign and start some follow along threat. Im excited to be here! See you around!