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  1. abdoshaik

    Follow Along ZeroPark + BeMob + lospollos SmartLink

    Traffic Source: @Zeropark domain redirect Affiliate Network: @LosPollos Affiliate Offer: smartlink Tracker : @BeMob Geo:- Tier 2 Daily budget is 90$ This campaign started 1/8 After many tests and optimization I got these results Spent: $625.26 Redirects: 67,540 Conversions: 200 Payout: $1,563...
  2. abdoshaik

    Follow Along zeropark+ PeerFly + BeMob

    Traffic Source: ZeroPark Tracking Tool: Bemob Affiliate Network: Peerfly Type: Pops Lander: Direct Linking Offer Payout: $1.2 Daily Budget: $30 geo: us These are the results of the first day Spent: $34 Redirects: 44,712 Conversions: 13 Payout: $15.6 ROI: -48% These are the stats from...