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  1. sokhamoeun

    Is Push Ads Traffic safe for Google Adsense?

    Hey, Friends. Beside Google Ads, BingAds, FacebookAds, Is there any push ads traffic safe for Google Adsense? I'm looking for high quality push ads traffic that is safe for my Google Adsense account. Does anyone here know? If you know, which traffic is high quality traffic and safe 100% for my...
  2. sokhamoeun

    MegaPush Traffic Source

    Today, I run campaign with MegaPush. I target US, CPC:$0.031 per click. I use Bemob as my tracker. I added {feedid} behind PeerFly Offer. Is it correct that I added {feedid} behind PeerFly offer or Do I add {clickid} behind the offer tracking link? I got 248 clicks in MegaPush BUT I didn't get...
  3. sokhamoeun

    How To Insert The Correct SearchWrench Postback into PeerFly Anybody can tell me what is Your-ID#? Where can I find it? Help me please. Thanks,
  4. sokhamoeun

    TONIC vs MegaPush

    Hello Luke & Friends. I need your advice. I want to test my first campaign with PPV between TONIC and MegaPush which ones is best for me to test my first campaigns. You know I lost with PopAds. Luke I don't understand yet about how to setup traffic sources in Bemob of Bing, Tonic...
  5. sokhamoeun

    Got more clicks BUT no conversions

    Hello, Luke! How are you? I do hope that you are doing well. Excuse me. I promote dating offer to South Africa on PopAds. You know I got more clicks on both PeerFly and clickmagick. I added postback into my offer. Here is my postback URL...