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    Need Help with bemob

    Hello dear friends, Please, can someone help me how to configure bemob for detecting boot trafic ? Thanks in advance
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    When To Kill a compaign ?

    Hello Dear Friends, can you explain me When Do I Know the company is not profitable and Kill it ? For example : if I have an offer with payout : 1.4$. how many clicks or how much spending without conversion for stopping it ? Thank you in advance
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    Need Your Advices

    Hello Brothers, I plan to use PPV trafic for promoting CPA offers, can you advice me please : - Which source Trafic do you recommend "Propellar Ads" or "ZERO PARK" ? Thank You
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    hello From Morocco

    Hi members of communauty, my name, is Zakaria, I am Moroccan beginner Marketer, I am here to learn from you, share my experience and very happy to meet you in the forum. Have a good Day and thanks to All