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  1. Landingtrack

    Guide Mastering Tokens with your Tracker

    Thanks to the initiative of @servandosilva and also because many Affiliates are pretty lost in terms of: 1- Postbacks Advertiser / Aff. Network 2- Postback Traffic Source. 3- Campaign URL Tokens 4- Campaign URL Parameters 5- Advertising URL Tokens 6- Advertising URL Parameters LandingTrack...
  2. Landingtrack

    Guide LandingTrack introduce: Native Ads Auto_Optimization

    PROMO CODES INSIDE This is BIG! Now you can also Track and Auto_optimice all your Native Ads Campaigns with @Landingtrack !! Yes! That is why we would like you to know that one of our First integrations for NATIVE ADS is: Adskeeper Team: "We are excited to announce that LandingTrack has...
  3. Landingtrack

    Official LandingTrack - Auto-Optimization + Tracking system

    Hello to all Afflift Members and thank you @Luke for all the amazing work you have done so far with the forum. Track + Autoptimizing Platform. LandingTrack is not just a Tracking System, it is an advance Automated tool for Media Buying. We are not talking about basic Templates as integrations...