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    Traffic Networks With Named Websites

    Exoclick has that if I am not mistaken. But mostly adult traffics. Self Advertiser also show you the domain name, but limited to only zero click campaign.
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    Look what I found

    affLift deserves it. I start promoting Monetizer because of Luke's Follow Along.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    This is something that I am not aware of. I learned my lesson. I'll be more careful next time. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    I have checked my account and it is successfully reinstated! (including my account balance) Thank you very much Mobidea for giving me a second chance. I'm almost give up hope. Thank you PropellerAds for your cooperation till the end. At least, Propellerads has one less fraud publisher. I am...
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    What do you have for your computer monitor?

    I like how everyone posts follow along, guides, etc.. where @ChrisBa here just chilling posting random stuff from now and then. I like it! As for me, I just use basic Dell 22 Monitor. Just a typical monitor, great for office work.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Their compliance team somehow very very slow (probably not tech savvy), not competent maybe. It took them a month to give me somewhat workable reply.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    It is almost a month since my last post on this issue here, today I would like to give some updates. I have contacted PropellerAds support team privately (since they refuse to communicate on this matter here). I gave them all the details and everything. The first person that handle this case...
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    Who uses a tablet?

    I have an iPad Mini 4 since 2017 and still using it every day to consume stuff online. I use it to browse Reddit and watch Youtube. So, yeah there still people use tablets.
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    Propellerads Zone ID’s (Scaling)

    Yes, probably. You can get faster clarification from PropellerAds through their chat support.
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    Propellerads Zone ID’s (Scaling)

    As far as I know, ZoneID is placement within a website. One website can has many ZoneIDs.
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    Follow Along ClickDealer Push Subs + Zeropark + Voluum

    What is Android Webview and why it is not converting?
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    Anyone using Cloudways?

    I tried Cloudways a few years ago. I transferred my Wordpress site from shared hosting to expect some speed boost. But it was not much a difference. I stopped using since then. This was long time ago, I bet they improved their infrastructure by now.
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    Follow Along Zeropark + Smartlink + RBO

    From which network?
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    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    Maybe you can try refresh multiple times.
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    Follow Along ZeroPark + Kintura + Monetizer

    It is an application that does almost the same thing as you described. I have heard of it, but never actually use it.
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    Where should i host my landing pages? shared?Vps?cloud?

    I tested the Plesk Onyx on Vultr a few months ago just to play around. The experience is okay I guess, but since I'm not very familiar with it, it took me a few days to get SSL to work on custom domain 🤦‍♂️. The Plesk Onyx is free btw, it is more like an entry level admin panel for your basic...
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    Follow Along ZeroPark + Kintura + Monetizer

    Could it be you are referring to AffMonster or you programmed it yourself?
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    Clickbank and Push ads

    I also tried the same thing. I was able to reach break even, but I stopped the campaign since it requires higher budget to test/scale. Video Sales Letter. Many CB offer has this type of landing page.
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    Follow Along Zeropark-Voluum-Push/Pop/domain

    Good advice, very true.
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    How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script

    Faking the referrer usually associated with black hat intent. I see people use it for brand bidding, cookie stuffing, and promote offer outside of the allowed promotional method. I don't know @MaxLi intention though. How effective is meta/double meta refresh? I have being told that large CPA...