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  1. Anselmoreal

    out of daily impressions?

    Whats the deal in propellerAds? always get campaigns paused because they reach the limit of impressions!
  2. Anselmoreal

    Follow Along PropellerAds, Peerfly, Bemob.

    after doing some testing and making some mistakes on push, it's time to take it a little more serious, i'm really learning how to create good creatives for direct linking campaigns, for the moment only going to be running sweeps from peerfly, in the future im going to use landers for big...
  3. Anselmoreal

    SmartCpa and MaxBounty

    I just want to let everyone know to be careful using SmartCpa from propeller ads with MaxBounty, my MaxBounty account was banned for running smartcpa with sweep offer, also a friend from a mastermind was banned. MaxBounty is becoming the Facebook of affiliate networks, just to big. Here is a...
  4. Anselmoreal


    after 4 days of testing an offer with a daily budget of 5$. this is the email I got this morning. many people I know and work with had the same problem with no explanation. the only thing we have in common hispanic names.
  5. Anselmoreal

    Tonic not showing conversions

    Hey guy first thing Im really excited, last night I launched my first PeerFly campaign with Tonic traffick, in the first hour had three conversions, I follow Luke tutorials from selecting the offer to setting the tracker (bemob) and creating the campaign, Tonic is not showing the conversions so...
  6. Anselmoreal

    Tonic campaign not running.

    today I got an email from tonic making sure I confirm my paypal account with a code witch I did. my account says active and i created some campaigns, do they send a confirmation for your account and campaign. A little confusing not knowing whats going on. how long does it take to get a campaign...
  7. Anselmoreal

    Zeropark Appoval

    Hey guys Im trying to get approved on zeropark: they sent this email this morning: Thank you for your email. Could you please send us a couple of screenshots of the offers you would like to advertise on our platform? Kind regards, Zeropark Team currently only have a Maxbounty and TORO account...