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  1. newman1981

    Ebay Affiliate marketing VS Amazon Affiliate marketing

    Is it worth it to get involved with Ebay or Amazon affiliate marketing in 2019?, if yes what is the best was to promote Ebay & Amazon Affiliate links? if no please give me your advice because i am about to blow big MONEY
  2. newman1981

    Need your help, propeller&Bemob not tracking conversion

    i got 4 conversion in peerfly but propeller and Bemob not tracked my conversion, i dont know if my setup is the problem, please see my setup screenshot. thank you for all your help
  3. newman1981

    Follow Along Megapush + PeerFly + Bemob + Purelander +AWS

    🎯 Traffic Source: Megapush 🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob ✅ Affiliate Network: Peerfly 👍 Type of Offer: Sweepstake 💰 Offer Payout: $1.20 🔍 I am unsure about: If this campaign can be profitable as it is low payout and CPC cost $0.12 which is high Hello everyone i am creating this follow along to see if...
  4. newman1981

    Follow Along Propeller + Peerfly Directlink

    🎯 Traffic Source: Propeller 🔧 Tracking Tool: Direct Link ✅ Affiliate Network: PeerFly 👍 Type of Offer: Downloads & Installs 💰 Offer Payout: $4 Pricing Model: CPC Ad Format: Push Notifications User activity: Low Total and daily budget set to $30 for testing Geo: US,UK,AU,CA Campaign is...
  5. newman1981

    First campaign with Propeller got 8 conversion in view hours

    hi just wanted to share my excitement, followed Lukes guide "" After i set my campaign i got 8 conversion in view hours, thanks Luke. i am waiting to gather more conversion and data then optimize...
  6. newman1981

    Newbie, Can you help me with this campaign??

    Traffic source: Popads Affiliate network: Peerfly Offer: Sweeps: Baby Products worth $2000 - SOI (New Zealand) (31140) Offer payout: $1.50 country targeting: Newzealand My setup for Popads: 1. Ad type: Popunder 2. Budget: $50 3. Max Bid: $0.005 4. Max Per Day: $8 5. Legacy bid 6...
  7. newman1981

    Popads eating my daily budget like a hungry baby

    Hello everyone, i am the new guy you may have seen around with 21 questions, learning curves forgive me please. so the question i have why does Popads eats my daily budget in 2 hrs like hungry baby my daily budget is $8 dollars, is this normal
  8. newman1981

    Popads postback URL - change your conversionvalue

    Hi, I am using Bemob and need to put postback URL for Popads, please someone help me understand what i need to replace [conversionvalue] for Bemob. thank you
  9. newman1981

    Popads + Bemob need help

    hello all, I am trying to setup my first campaign, stuck on setting up traffic source (Popads) in Bemob, i have selected traffic source as Popads from template but i don't know what to put or where to get the Postback URL, i am new to AM so please help me, thank you
  10. newman1981

    Help me in setting up popads with bemob

    I first would like to apologize for my lack of knowledge in AM, i joint this website to learn from luke and all the other member who have knowledge in AM. i want to start my campaign using Popads + Bemob + Peerfly, I deposited $50 dollars in popads and ready to go but i looked in this forum and...
  11. newman1981

    can someone explain to me about the different types of prelander pages

    hi everyone i am new to AM, i tried to run my first campaign with popads but when i look through peerfly all the high cr offers says either to use prelander or you must receive your first payment from PeerFly, so prelander it is, my question is what is the different types of prelander? i heard...
  12. newman1981

    Can affiliate marketing be a career?

    I become a member of afflift to learn about affiliate marketing and make some money on the side as i have full time job but is it possible to make affiliate marketing as my career and how?
  13. newman1981

    Hello everyone from United Kindom

    Happy to be part of this community, i am new to AM and i and reading learning right now