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  1. meannn

    How do you find winning offer?

    There are way too much things that could make offer not converting; 1- Slow LP 2- Bad publisher (auto click, hidden ad, etc) 3- Offer owner may cutting your leads 4- LP design doesnt fit on screen on users device You need to find converting LP, find good publishers to advertise and be sure...
  2. meannn

    How do you find winning offer?

    $10 is not even close to a test budget, pop is a pricey industry, so you should burn at least $100
  3. meannn

    PPV Campaigns Profit Potential

    @Luke these are top revenues, not profits. Maybe that 1st guy with 89k earning has spent 88.5k to advertising :D
  4. meannn

    PPV Campaigns Profit Potential

    @Nick your paypercall journey was bizzarre! Is there still available offers for pc/mobile repair paypercall ? Or you think its all dead.
  5. meannn

    PPV Campaigns Profit Potential

    1 campaign, lasted around 3 weeks
  6. meannn

    PPV Campaigns Profit Potential

    Now its so hard to cloak top quality networks and the other networks have lots of shit traffic, you need to burn a lot of money to find profitable area in pops. Most I did was 300 usd daily profit.
  7. meannn

    Help with hack .... Could be huge if it works !!!

    But keep in mind that the traffic of pop is in hurry, not same as people on facebook, in facebook people are bored and a shiny news things can easily get success. But in pops, you are just cutting their screen for a while, yes it can still be profitable but need a lot of optimizing, maybe just...
  8. meannn

    Help with hack .... Could be huge if it works !!!

    Cool but, what is your goal, why are you redirecting pop traffic to facebook post; To gain likes ? To gain followers ? You can think that you reduce costs but..... pop traffic is the most random traffic ever, even you target category you cant know age gender interests and much more, fb is...
  9. meannn

    Help with hack .... Could be huge if it works !!!

    I think you are just new to this market. Selling tshirt on pop ups is harder than making 2 x 2=5 pop traffic are annoying, and audience are in a hurry, plus they are %80 kids. Good luck!
  10. meannn

    Help with hack .... Could be huge if it works !!!

    Whats the problem here, can you explain clearly. "it signed me in automatically as well" signed what ?
  11. meannn

    PopAds + LosPollos + Bemob

    $5 day budget ? you should burn $XXX to decide whether its good or bad!
  12. meannn

    Pop Ads CTR

    popads needs tons of optimization to make it positive ROI
  13. meannn

    Question about Ad delivery method in PropellerAds

    They are pretty solid, but T1 countries there need a lot of optimizing for + ROI
  14. meannn


    Phishing makes much money but causes legal issues, its like promoting fake virus alert etc, if you live in tier1 country, avoid it :)
  15. meannn

    ezmob have so much fraud clicks

    lol, if you buy traffic from reseller instead of real traffic seller companies, this is what you get.
  16. meannn

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    lol of course you need to base64, its lightening fast and no need to send request to image url. @Journey66
  17. meannn

    Push Ad Campaigns : What Are The Best Times To Run?

    best time is 9 to 5 if you dont want kids to see your LP :)
  18. meannn

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    Back script redirect doesnt work anymore (mobile chrome) but here is a tactic to make same action when user press back button Page1 It has a redirect to page 2 <script>document.location="page2.php";</script> Page 2 Your real landing page. So when user hits back, it will be redirect to this...
  19. meannn

    Hello everyone, I want to run Japanese PPV traffic. What are the better traffic platforms?

    I saw some traffic on popads for Japan. Not sure which platform you target
  20. meannn

    Push Notification Landing Page - 4 Points of Monetization

    That 20 seconds method is a new one for me. Is this mobile or pc targeted ? I thought users exit after some seconds, suprised that you have got those conversations from this method.