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  1. meannn

    Chinese click farm – close-up view

    Automated simulation of human behavior, scrolling through content at a natural reading speed before liking or sharing. Damn bastards :mad:
  2. meannn

    Someone advertised fake virus alert on youtube

    Tell me which one of you is this :) Whoever did that, pretty good job. Making Google to allow fake virus alerts on Youtube. Congrats!
  3. meannn

    Adplexity downloading LP issue

    Started today nod32 (one of the most famous AV) started to give virus alerts.
  4. meannn

    Anyone tried ivr offers ? Whats that

    Hi all. I came across ivr offers. Its done when someone calls or whatever, but I dont know exactly how it works. Anyone has experience with this ?
  5. meannn

    Popcash wtf ?!

    They started to send "no referer" traffic, what the f? Its like ordering a meal from someone who brings the meal but hides the restaurant name so you dont know where the food has been made, would you eat it ? Seriously @PopCash ?
  6. meannn

    If I sell my spy ads blocker how many of you would buy ?

    Hi friends. I have a script (includes many scripts) which makes your landing page impossible to get viewed by all of the ad spyers. If I sell it for $200, how many of you would be interested ? I am trying to see if many are interested or not. If I see more than 10 people I will sell it.
  7. meannn

    Shitlist site ids

    Hi there I created this thread so that we can share the worst performed site ids, which means lower than 1% and make sure that you got at least 500 hits from that siteid. The rule is share with this scheme; Network/offertype/siteid/hits/clicks I am starting first. Popcash/av offer/453472/820...