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    Suggested Sub-Affiliate Program Structure?

    Hello, I am seeking advice from the afflift community on how best to structure a sub-affiliate program for a monthly reoccurring software platform in the real estate space. I am currently working with a company on a commission only structure and would like to integrate a sub-affiliate structure...
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    Funny FB Post

    I saw this picture in a group that I follow. Thought I would share. They were asking how to "turn-off" these notifications.
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    Major Tracking Discrepancy Bemob + Propeller

    Greetings, I have a POP campaign in @PropellerAds using @BeMob for tracking. I started to review the data but there is a discrepancy with the browser data. Based on Propeller Ads, Chrome has zero conversions. Also note the difference in impressions. Propeller: 27556. Bemob: 22385 The...
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    POP Traffic Optimization Based On CTR%

    Greetings, Can anyone offer optimization suggestions for a pop campaign on Propellerads. When do you remove a zone I.D. based on impressions/clicks (CTR) ratio? This is the campaign so far based on Zone IDS. Also note, that it does not show impressions. I am assuming that the visits count as...
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    When to kill traffic even after conversions?

    Hey all, If you have traffic that is converting whether it is ISP, Browser, etc. When do you decide to pause that traffic source type? Example: Browser Chrome, Particular ISP, etc.
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    Peerfly Metrics

    @Luke, (Or anyone else that knows the answer) How ofter do Peerfly metrics update and for what time-span do they represent?
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    VPS Hosting Location?

    If you have a private VPS and you are running offers in multiple GEO's, how do you decide on where to have your server based? Same question if you are using AWS S3. Amazon has servers all over the world but your pages will load faster if the server you are using is closer to your targeted GEO...
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    Follow Along Propeller Ads Push Traffic + Bemob + Peerfly

    Greetings, I wanted to start a follow along since I have received a lot of value from others posting theirs and it will also be a way to document my process and learn along the way. Thanks to @Luke, @BeMob and @PropellerAds for answering my questions and their awesome support! I started with a...
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    Landing Page Design For AWS S3

    Hello, What software/service are you using to create landing pages for offers using AWS S3? AWS is amazons cloud hosting service and it is a cheaper alternative then having your own VPS (virtual private server) + CDN (Content Delivery Network). I am well aware of self-hosted solutions like...
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    Landing Pages With Pop Traffic

    Hey all, I am have been testing pop traffic on Popads and Propeller Ads. I have got only 1 conversion on Popads and I am trying to figure out where I am going wrong. I have been taking the approach to test offers in the Sweeps vertical, email submits, and downloads. I have been direct linking...
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    Are you creating landing pages for Push traffic in Sweeps Vertical?

    Hey everyone, I am curious if people are creating landing pages for Push Traffic in the sweeps vertical? If I am direct linking to an offer because it has converted for others and looks decent then what is the point of creating a LP? I want to ensure that I am taking the right steps, in the...
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    New Propeller Ads Features

    Hey All, Propeller rolled out some new features that they wrote in this blog post. Good stuff. I am most excited about new traffic tokens for campaigns. New traffic tokens for Push notifications The feature...
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    Push Notification KPI's

    Hey all, I have been testing different Push campaigns on Propeller Ads and have yet to get one conversion. I would like to get feedback on what others in the community have achieved with their campaigns. I understand that there are many variables that can impact a campaign such as Geo...
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    Cannot View PF Offer with VPN

    Hey all, Can anyone view this PF offer? I have tried to load with and without a VPN and I have also tried to use a PC emulator such as: What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Reimage PC Repair (UK) (42283)
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    Propeller Banner Size Trigger?

    Hello, Does anyone know which variable causes which banner size to populate on a device? I already contacted propellers ads and they said, "Big image is for desktop and mobile, small is for mobile only." I am assuming that a certain pixel sized screen triggers the larger banner to appear...
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    Propeller Ads, Bemob, Peerfly Reporting Differences

    Hey Everyone, I started a campaign on Propeller Ads using Bemob for tracking running an offer on Peerfly. It is a CPM campaign and I am getting different metrics from each platform.... Here are my stats from Propeller Ads Bemob: Peerfly: Bemob Explanation: "Basically, when working...
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    Propeller Ads Traffic Graph

    Hey, Has anyone else been having issues view a traffic graph in propeller ads? I can't view it and have cleared cache and tried different browsers.
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    Popads Postback URL Set-Up?

    Greetings, I need help with ensuring the postback URL is correct. I am using Bemob for tracking and want to setup the postback URL with Popads. I created a campaign and got the postback URL from popads which is as follows...
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    Pop Ads Billing Issue

    Greetings, I started an account with Popads and deposited $10. I got an error in the account saying that the payment is suspended. I emailed their support 2 days ago, no response. I followed up with another email. Nothing. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
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    Bing Conversion Attribution

    Hey, Is it possible to configure conversions inside Bing with Bemob with a postback URL or other technical solution? Is it possible to send a conversion pixel, if so how?