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    Question: how to get cheap Chrome Extension installs?

    Hello, AffLift friends! :D I would appreciate your knowledge here: do you know any traffic source that works well with Chrome Extensions? I tried with PopAds traffic and didn't work well. Facebook Ads is not very cheap but is the best one I've found for now. Thanks!
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    Question: how many clicks do I need to have statistical significance? (aka: when do I stop the campaign)

    My first post here :) Let's see if I can learn something from the pros. So, I am running my first campaign with Facebook Ads, sending traffic to some local landing pages and then to the offer page. Since the beginning my concern is finding out which cities are interested on the offer. On this...
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    I am Charlie, nice to meet you :)

    I come from SEO world but I've always envied how you media buying guys have such analytical minds, so I signed up to learn as much as I can. Cheers!